Andrea Turner, CMT is now Five Creeks Massage Therapy


I’ve got exciting news! I’m changing the name of the massage studio to Five Creeks Massage Therapy and launching a great new website. (Please bookmark it now! )

Have an upcoming appointment, gift certificate, or massage package? Anything previously scheduled with me (or bought from me) will be honored under exactly the same terms, at Five Creeks Massage Therapy. I'm in the same location.

Why Five Creeks? I both live and work in the Grand Lake neighborhood. And a major feature of this diverse and dynamic community are the creeks that flow into Lake Merritt. The creeks are mostly buried underground in pipes these days, but their fresh water is essential to the health of our lake. And the lake is the social centerpiece for our neighborhood. I see parallels in my massage practice. It’s important to our overall health and well being to occasionally get in touch with what lies just beneath the surface. Sometimes it’s literally by treating muscular issues, and sometimes it’s more abstract, like when massage helps you be present, even alongside difficult emotions.

Exactly what’s changing? It’s just the website and email. (Website: Email: If you forget, the old website will automatically redirect you, and the old email address will be forwarded to me, too. The massage studio and online booking system are exactly the same. I’m still here, and my rates and hours are the same. More importantly, the same great massage is here waiting for you!

Have questions? Please contact me at or 510-268-0443.