Massage For "Tech Shoulder"

Massage For Tech Shoulder.jpg

We're unveiling a new massage at Five Creeks! It’s "Massage For Tech Shoulder". And it's available for booking now.

So many of my Bay Area clients have tech jobs. Over the past decade, I’ve seen an epidemic of shoulder issues: usually pain and tightness around the shoulder, sometimes extending into the neck. Clients may also experience nerve sensation down the arm, and have issues in the wrists or hands. 

It’s something that I also experienced in my previous tech career. It sometimes turned workdays into a real sufferfest! Since I had real "personal involvement” with this issue, it’s something I really paid attention to in my training as a massage therapist. And I’ve been drawn to classes and research on this topic ever since. 

I used that, and 1,000's of hours of "hands on" knowledge of what worked (and what didn’t!) to develop a massage tailored to people that spend most days at a computer or laptop.

This massage is designed to reduce shoulder pain, and give you greater mobility. Each session is customized, but may include special work on the front of the shoulder, neck, arms and hands. And it's only available at Five Creeks Massage. Book it here.

Admittedly, some returning clients may recognize some elements of this massage and it’s “newness” may be debatable for you…  and it’s thanks to you that I developed it!