Andrea has a cool new online booking system

I've switched to a cool new online booking system! Just go to and hit the Book Now button to check it out. (Pro Tip: Bookmark 

If you've got an upcoming massage, there's no need for you to take any action. I already re-created your appointment in the new system. You'll get a confirmation and a reminder email about 48 hours in advance, just like with the old system. 

And if you're thinking to yourself, "Wow, I could really use a good massage!" - perhaps it's time to give online booking a whirl!? I'll be delighted to see you again!

The new system is easier to use, and has some features I think you'll love. 

  • Quick and Clear Booking Process. The company that created this system is committed specifically to the massage therapy field, and they are always working to improve the system for massage clients.


  • Redeem gift certificates. It’s the same system that I use to sell gift certificates, and you can redeem your gift certificate right there, while booking online!


  • Presents For Friends. You can, if you like, choose to pre-pay for an appointment when you book it. So when you are sending in your spouse or friend as a surprise, no more awkward, “Now how am I gonna pay for them?”


Thanks for your continued support as my practice changes and grows!

- Andrea